Overpull protection deck winches

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SB 7,5 winch

Overload protection deck winches Subsea7 vessels

Development of Software integration system to synchronise operation of 3 or more equipment connected with the potential for overload scenario.

This includes hardware for 7.5te, 10te and 20te winches in the form of load pins, base frames to mount load pins, local load readouts and PLC connection.

20te crane slip rings, PLC upgrade and hard wired load measuring equipment.

Software writing by Huisman to incorporate the synchronisation of opposing equipments within SCADA in the same manner as the below deck Carousel, Top Chute and Tensioners are synchronised.

SB 7,5 winch PS fwd 20ton winch & PS 7,5 Carousel aft 10 ton winch 1