Radionica Robotika

Roboti igraju veoma važnu ulogu u modernom, visoko automatiziranom i produktivnom produkcijskom procesu. Radionica Osnove Robotike vodi vas korak po korak prema svijetu automatike i mehatronike i ući vas kako koristiti i
programirati robote i kako ih povezati s autamatizacijskim sistemima
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Opis proizvoda

Benefits to you
• Multimedia course conveys the theoretical material and includes animations, experiment instructions and evaluations
• Full coverage of theory needed to understand a multi-axis robot and associated safety precautions
• Intrinsically safe unit (no safety precautions required)
• Includes many attractive experiments involving a 4-axis robot, conveyor belt and programmable logic control (PLC)
• 3D simulation software supplied with set enables robot to be programmed
• Skills trained and learned here can easily be applied to industrial

The Mover4 is a 4-axis robot arm for deployment in schools and colleges. Using the Mover4, realistic automation scenarios can be emulated. It serves as the motion platform and combines physics, mathematics and IT with tangible realism. The robot arm possesses four serial axes, allowing it to move in space and tilt its gripper hand to a given angle.

The Training System
Benefits to you
• 3D programming software
• Payload: 500 g
• Max. reach: 550 mm with gripper
• Electrically-operated parallel gripper
• Ports: 9-pin I/O, programmable CAN interface
• Positioning accuracy: 1 mm
• Weight: 3.5 kg
• Power connection: 12 V via 230-V mains power unit, < 60W • PC required for control SOFTWARE PROGRAM
3D Programming Software
With its modern interface surface and interactive 3D graphics the CPRog control software provides a direct introduction to arm movement. The robot can be operated either via keyboard or joypad. Programs can be written and edited using a graphical or text based editor. The licensing allows for a classroom installation.

Min.2 – Max.6